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Appearance. Present. Act.

  • Do you need support in holding a presentation?
  • Or tips on how to best setup your presentation for a new audience?
  • Do you want to feel more confident in front of the camera or on stage?
  • The thought of your next presentation is troubling you?
  • You are getting sweaty palms when you have to hold a speech?
  • Cameras and spotlights are making you nervous?

…then I would love to work with you!

Together we will create a bespoke coaching plan – tailored to your personal goals and needs, via a hybrid model of remote and in person sessions.

With my support, you will learn how to properly prepare yourself for a presentation, interview or speech on stage or in front of the camera. You will receive tips on how to deal with stage fright and we will do some exercises to ‘loosen’ up. Of course, we can also work together via video call remotely, as well as in person.

Need tips right now? Read my 7 1/2 tips for a perfect video conference.

You are welcome to book me for presentations (German/English) on the topics of „Moderation“, „Women on Stage“, „Body Language and the Effect of Women“. I am also happy to adapt my presentation to your individual requirements.

Anja Lange Coaching

What my clients say

„Thanks to your charming but determined and targeted presentation coaching, we as relatively inexperienced speakers managed to give 2 presentations in such a way that we were able to inspire 500 listeners. The second presentation was voted the best presentation of the fair. Despite strong speakers from Google, Microsoft, Telekom, Bechtle, CapGemini Dassault BMW, etc., we were able to win the award. You turned the PEAK Experience into a SPEAKer Experience.“

Günter Mauthe
Bergführer, PEAK Experience

„Anja Lange led us through the seminar with the topic „Body language and the effect of women“. Anja taught us the basics of communication and presentation, with little tricks, methods and useful tips. She inspired our participants with her friendly, competent and relaxed presentation.”

IG Metall
Weekend seminar Thüringer Geschäftsstellen

„In order to make an important presentation even better, I had Anja Lange coach me. She significantly improved my performance. She was also able – and this is unusual – to express herself very constructively about the content, so that the presentation started to play in a completely different league. With her sympathetic yet authoritative and always constructive manner, the coaching was very pleasant. As a special reward for the cooperation, the presentation was awarded the best presentation of the BMW trade fair 2019. A great success!“

Matthias Stroezel
Founder and CEO of SSC-Services