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Retail Media Summit Hamburg

„We have already relied on Anja as a moderator for our Retail Media Summit for the second time and have always been completely happy with the result. With her positive, cordial manner, she always engages the audience and makes sure that everyone feels picked up – even complex, technical topics are presented in a relaxed and comprehensible manner. Working with Anja is always uncomplicated and simply fun! Almost no longer an insider tip, but definitely an absolute up-and-coming talent in the media industry!“

Otto Group Media, Hamburg 2019

Retail Media Summit

Indianer Inuit: The North America Film Festival

„Thanks for hosting the opening of the Indianer und Inuit film festival. You made the evening fun and interesting, and you kept it moving along at a good pace. It was a dramatically better evening because you engaged the audience.“

James W. Herman, former Consul General US in Frankfurt

Wirtschaftsgipfel Baden-Württemberg

Economic Summit Baden-Württemberg in Brussels

„Ms. Lange sovereignly moderated a top-class European business congress of the Ministry of Economics of Baden-Württemberg in Brussels under the leadership of State Secretary Schütz. The participants from Baden-Württemberg and the EU were guided through very different topics by Ms Lange in several languages and were taken along in a positive sense. She thus contributed to the overall picture of a successful event.“

Dr Speier, Ministry of Economics, Labour and Housing Baden-Württemberg

Wirtschaftsgipfel Baden-Württemberg

Handelsblatt Conference Digital Platforms & Ecosystem

„Anja Lange was the perfect choice for our Handelsblatt conference „Digital Platforms“. She is a moderator with heart and charm and a real communicative full professional. We received great feedback, highly recommended – happy to do it again.“

Moritz Schönleber, Senior Manager Event Production, Handelsblatt GmbH

Handelsblatt Tagung

Presentation Porsche 911

„With your likeable and winning manner, you lightened up our automobile presentation, which is often very technical and tailored to the male audience, and made it interesting for all visitors. You guided the audience perfectly with a great sense for the situations and bridged difficult passages confidently without the visitors noticing anything of this. Even after the event, we received a lot of praise for „our moderator“ from our customers. We are already looking forward to future events with you!“

Harald Ruff, CEO Hahn Sportwagen Reutlingen GmbH, Porsche Center Reutlingen, 2019

Vorstellung Porsche 911

Opening Grow Platform GmbH

„Anja moderated the grand opening of the new Bosch location in Ludwigsburg with about 400 guests, including the managing directors of Robert Bosch GmbH and the mayor of Ludwigsburg. In line with the start-up style of grow platform GmbH, the start-up subsidiary of Bosch, Anja adapted the moderation to the audience excellently and thus ensured an atmosphere and mood that was certainly unusually relaxed for a large corporation, without sacrificing professionalism. Laughter was therefore desired, wanted and, thanks to her, a reality. Anja was very well prepared for the event and especially for the speakers, whom she introduced and guided through the evening. Without a doubt, this went down well with the guests, regardless of whether they were craftsmen, press, start-ups or Bosch CEOs. Desire and goal fully fulfilled! This meant that we, as the hosts of the evening, were able to enjoy the event twice over and give all the guests a wonderful opening. Thank you, Anja!“

Birte Moyé, grow platform GmbH (Bosch), 2018

Eröffnung Grow Plattform GmbH

Weleda AG

„Anja Lange moderated live webinars for Weleda for our professional audience. With her competent and refreshing moderation as well as pleasant friendly manner, she confidently led through the online trainings and contributed significantly to the success of the webinars.“

Petra Seibold, Weleda AG, 2017

Weleda AG

Flaming Stars

„As part of our media partnership with antenne1, Anja Lange was our presenter at the Flaming Stars in Ostfildern for the first time this year. The cooperation was great – Anja was perfectly prepared and worked well on stage with co-host Marcel Hiller. The relaxed and easy-going nature of the entire presentation suited the character of an open air festival very well. We look forward to seeing you again next year!“

Team Flaming Stars (International Fireworks Festival Ostfildern), 2017

Flammende Sterne

Satisfied Customers

Companies A-Z

Aesculap B.Braun, Produktlaunch
audius, Mitarbeiter Kickoff, 2018-heute
Baden-Württembergischer Handwerkstag, Mitgliedersammlungen und Digitalisierungsymposium
Bosch Startup Plattform grow, Eröffnung, Ludwigsburg, 2018
BMW, RadHub, 2022-23
Bosch, Panel zum EU Chips Act & Transformation@BOSCH Reihe, Brüssel, 2022
bwcon, Hightech Summit Baden-Württemberg & CyberOne Preisverleihung, 2018-2020
Digital Media Women, Themenabend Startup, Stuttgart, 2018
DMEXCO Köln, Mediastage, 2022
Flammende Sterne, Ostfildern, 2017-2019
Handelsblatt, Konferenz Digitale Plattformen & Ökosysteme, 2022
Handwerkskammer Stuttgart, Verabschiedung HGF, 2022
Hitradio antenne 1 Stuttgart, diverse Events seit 2016
Hochschule Offenburg, Konferenz Künstliche Intelligenz, 2019, 2020
IDC Konferenzen: Multi Cloud Summit, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Storage Transformation, Frankfurt a.M/München., 2019 – 2023
Landesanstalt für Kommunikation (LFK) Baden-Württemberg, medienpolitischer Austausch
MHP (Management- und IT-Beratung GmbH) Festival, Ludwigsburg, 2019
Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Arbeit und Tourismus, Baden-Württemberg, Wirtschaftsgipfel Brüssel, Stuttgart, 2019-heute
optivo, Berlin Email Summit, 2017
Oracle Modern Cloud Day, Darmstadt, 2019
Otto Group Media, Retail Media Summit, Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, 2018-2020
Palo Alto Networks, Cloud Security Summit, Frankfurt, 2019
Porsche, 70 Jahre Sportwagen Festival, Zuffenhausen, 2018
Porschezentrum Reutlingen, Premiere Porsche 911, 2019 
Raumwelten Konferenz, Ludwigsburg, 2020, 2021
Schweizerisches Generalkonsulat, Veranstaltungen im Popup House of Switzerland, Stuttgart, 2021
Stadt Stuttgart, Silvesterfeier auf dem Schlossplatz 2019/20
Stuttgarter Wissenschaftsfestival, Podiumsdiskussion Künstliche Intelligenz, 2019
Stuttgarter Zeitung Magazin, Launch Event, 2019
SUCCUS, German CRM Forum, München, 2019 -2022
TEDxStuttgart, 2022
Universität Mannheim, Mannheim Forum, Panel mit US-Generalkonsul, 2023
Verband Garten,- Landschafts- und Sportplatzbau Baden-Württemberg, Mitgliederversammlung, 2022-heute
Werner&Mertz, Eröffnung neue Produktionshalle, Mainz, 2019

Film Festivals

International Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart, 2015-2023
International Solo Dance Theatre Festival, Stuttgart, 2023
Indianer Inuit Festival, 2018-2023
Children’s Film Days Award Ceremony Stuttgart, 2016-2019
Indian Film Festival Award Ceremony, 2017, 2019
Film review Baden-Württemberg, 2014, 2018

Trade fairs

Hannover Fair, Lapp, 2023
DMEXCO/Cologne Fair, Media days, 2022
AMB Stuttgart 2018 & EMO Hannover 2019 for Sandvik Coromant
productronica for Konradin Mediengruppe, Munich, 2019
IFA Berlin for Haier 2017, 2018

Online: Live-Streams & Videodrehs

Konferenz Digitale Plattformen, Handelsblatt, 2021
Bechtle, Webinare, 2022 bis heute
Bundesverbandes für Schlafapnoe und Schlafstörungen Deutschland e.V., Videos für YouTube-Kanal BSD TV, 2018-heute
Cotec Portugal, Innovation Summit
CROWN Gabelstapler, Produktvideos, 2020-heute
Fokus Online, Webinare
Gühring KG, Digitale Messe Techlight, 2020
Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, Hannover Messe & Control Stuttgart, 2018
IBM Lab comes to You, Mannheim/Stuttgart, 2020-2021
IHK Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg, Konjunkturgespräch mit Wirtschaftsweisen als Livestream, 2020, Interviews auf DMEXCO Köln & Re:publica Berlin, 2016
Ministerium für Arbeit, Wirtschaft und Wohnungsbau, Wirtschaftsgipfel BWmeetsUK, 2020
Management Events, CIO Live, CFO Live, European Retail Summits, Berlin, 2020-heute
Meet the Boss, Virtual Roundtable Discussions, UK, 2020-2021
Optica, Webinare 
Vector, Stuttgart
Weleda AG, Webinare
Yaez, Videoreihe Landesinitiative ‘Frauen in MINT Berufen’, 2018
Zumtobel Lighting, Dornbirn/Österreich, 2021


Hitradio antenne 1, Stuttgart (seit 2016)
Horads 88,6 Talk Sendung, 2014